Wastewater planet counts with a team of proffesionals well known at the national sector for its high efficiency in the process of a new concept of depuration of sewage water, with the máximum sustainability, the reuse of water and the reduction of costs.


Take advice with our technicians and engineers about the most adecuate treatment for the sewage water you need to treat deppending on its origen and features. The team of Wastewater will study each case in a individual way, making possible the optimate profit of your already built facilities, the reuse of the treated water and a perfect depuration.

Projects management

Wastewater planet manages every project thinking about the needs of its client and the environment. Our team of proffesionals will demand information about the water to treat, and its volume, the already built facilities and the spillage point.

Additional services

Mimicry with the environment.- Wastewater plantet is aware about the unpleasant visual impact that convenctional treatment plants cause, that is why besides the ecologycal impact, our team cares the image of the OPT system mimicrying the treatment plant by meaning ponds, gardens or both.

Maintanance - Wastewater planet makes the mantainance and tracing of its treatment plants, ensuring to its clients a perfect and a constant working of its systems.

Consult solutions for the treatment of sewage water and its reuse.

The reuse of sewage water helps you to optimate the energetic resources, what means a saving of water, electricity and a better sustainable management.