Recent researches foresees that in 2050 the world water demand will have increased an average of 55% mainly due to the requirements related with the crescent urbanization of the developing countries. (OECD,2112a). Cities will find water by walking further away or digging deeplier. Other options will be going to advanced technologies and innovators solutions.

Source of information. UNESCO


TPO Technology

El Oxigenated percolation treatment (OPT) consists in a sewage water system of depuration that has been investigated and corroborated by the university of Murcia, since May of 2003. This investigation has allow knowledge of the procces to Murcian investigators from the UM, so that, it corroborates its possibilities for decontaminated urban sewage and industrial water. (See more)



Advantages of the OPT technology

Totally ecologycal, with out chemichals additives, it makes possible the reuse of the effluents and its optimate return to the nature